What's in Front of You?

Learning to notice what’s in front of you.

My thoughts today will be brief to match the fabulous short workweek.

On the weekends, I love to go for a trail run along the river with my husband and our dog. About a mile and a half in is a huge beautiful rock high up on the riverbank with a roaring group of rapids below.

In the spring, this is an excellent spot to rest and watch osprey fish from their perch high in the trees. This past weekend, we were there and I kept looking way up in trees and down the river in search of the gorgeous birds. Getting a bit disappointed I wasn’t seeing them, I started to put my head down. Much to my surprise, there were four of them directly across the river almost at my eye level!

Instantly, I felt a rush of excitement to be able to relax and watch them for a while. As I was soaking in their movements I began to wonder, where else in my life am I too busy looking beyond or past exactly what I want to see or have?

As a successful entrepreneur, I set goals for myself every day so I can create the level of business I desire. The key is to be able to live in the present and not get too focused on the future. I want to take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the experience I’m in today.

I’m curious; where in your life or business might you be looking too far down river for what you most want? How might this be preventing you from being completely present today in case what you want is right in front of you?

Let me know what crossed your mind as you read the question above. If you would like to talk more about becoming present in your life and business, click here to set up a complimentary discovery call with me today.