Your VIP Day Experience

Your day will be tailored to meet your needs. We will take a deep dive into what you desire, create your vision from a place of possibility and begin to discover what prevents you from achieving it. We will work together to create strategies and an action plan that will begin to move you forward. The day will move you into possibility and action.

Here are a few components that may be included in your experience:

6 hour VIP Day including lunch (9:00am-3:00pm) 

  • Creating your vision and goals both personal and professional 
  • Begin the discovery process of what holds you back 
  • Energy Leadership Index assessment and debrief
  • Reflection work on what your makes your abilities unique
  • Clarify your core values
  • Develop an action plan 

What my clients are saying:

"Anticipating my first VIP session with Kris, I was both nervous and excited about what I would learn, and about this commitment that I was suddenly making for myself. Wow, was I in for a wonderful surprise! Those six hours were life-changing, mind-blowing, and so very enlightening. Kris has an amazing talent for facilitating the process of putting life and its many components into perspective. That day was the beginning of a very different life for me, and the positive impact was immediate. Once driven by a sense of responsibility, my goals and priorities are now driven by my own wants. I am happy and look forward to both my personal and professional future with more energy and anticipation than ever. I will forever be grateful to Kris for her role in making that happen."
- Jan Fournier

“Having reached a point in my career where I needed to find a new position, I perceived myself as being boxed in from accessing any new possibilities or direction.  This was mostly due to my life-long family role of being the ‘cash-cow’ – taking jobs that commanded a high salary but were not my passion; I was in effect a ‘settler.’

After hearing Kris speak at the Maine Women’s network, I decided to take her advice that we all need to learn to follow our passion or, in her words ‘ignite your mojo.’ I decided to do just that and made the phone call. Kris scheduled me to meet with her the next week – it would be a ‘VIP’ coaching and discovery session. What was even left to discover was beyond me – but I entered the rented boardroom at Pineland (think massive leather chairs and a 12 ft. polished mahogany table- with an open and willing heart and mind). Although I could feel greatness upon entering this room, I will admit that my sub-conscious kept telling me that I would probably walk out of there affirming that I have the knowledge and skills to be an ice-cream scooper or a goat herder – which in itself told me that I really needed her help.

Over the course of my VIP day, I had to dig deep and think about things I never really took time to think about before. She asked me: ‘what would you do in your life if you didn’t give a damn what others think?’   (Easy, right? Wrong.  It took me two weeks after the to be able to get myself in a place where I could even contemplate this question).  To cut to the chase, by the end of the day, after a lovely relaxing lunch, it was ‘time’ for us to evaluate all of the day’s work and see what things would ignite my passion.  I stared at the white board and just could not see what Kris could – that my core passion is and always has been working around clothing and fashion and helping people  – all of which I had peripherally continued to sideline into my life either directly or indirectly – paid or volunteer.

Suddenly the light went off.  The words on the flip chart came together in such a way that I could visualize myself being am image consultant and personal stylist!  

So with immense gratitude to Kris for taking me through a tough day of self-exploration, I am relieved that I can refocus my thoughts beyond settling as an ice cream scooper or goat herder, and continue working with my Kris over the next 6 months to gain the skills I need to ignite my new passion and launch a business!” 
–Diane Skog Madden, Personal Stylist