Life Transformation

Are you tired of being stuck, wishing your life were different?
Continually saying, "There must be a better way!"

Are you in overwhelm and unable to make a decision without torturing yourself?

Has your self-confidence hit an all-time low?

Do you know who and where you want to be in your life,
yet have no idea how to get there?

Are you wishing for more living to occur in your life?

I get it! These are all very common feelings in life,
however they are not required to live!

If you answered YES to any of the questions above please click here to sign up for your complimentary 15 minute strategy call

If know you are ready to make a shift in your life, I can help you "Ignite Your Mojo" with an individually tailored program designed to help you re-connect to your internal light and make the shift in your life that you desire.

We’ll begin by learning more about your current energetic makeup followed with a deep dive to discover what inspires you and what will ignite the spark within you.

We’ll create powerful strategies to help you move out of overwhelm, through your fears making it possible for you to take inspired action and begin living your life on fire TODAY!

Here’s a peek at what my 12-month 1:1 program includes:

  •  1 - 6 hr VIP session during the first month where we will:
    • Take a deep dive to clarify your desires and goals
    • Discover what makes you unique
    • Identify your core values
    • Discover what gets in your way - fears
    • Help you understand your energetic make-up and how you show up in your life
    • Create an action plan for next steps
  • Two 2-hr VIP sessions during the 12 months to re-align your action plans to reflect your growth
  • Two private 60-min. coaching calls per month to support you as you continue to stretch yourself, move past your fear to create and implement your action plans to achieve your goals and desires. 
  • E-mail & text support during business hours

This program will help you tap into your inner purpose and
create the confidence to follow it.

Here’s what the word on the street is after coaching with Kris:

"My experience with McCrea Coaching was truly dynamic and could not have occurred at a more opportune time. I sought Kris's assistance after searching several months for employment without much success and progress.  As I expressed my disappointments and frustrations, Kris listened intently and tailored my sessions to help me identity my strengths, professional interest, and clearly define my career objectives. Our sessions  focused on revising my resume, diversifying my job hunt strategy, and tips for expanding my professional network. Together Kris and I designed weekly action plans which helped me to maintain focus as well as see the great progress I had begun to make.  Her supportive coaching style encouraged me to pursue positions with confidence that I had not previously considered. I am happy to share that I have recently accepted an exciting and fabulous position that may have passed me by without Kris's assistance. Kris is transparent, professional and cares sincerely about your progress and achievements. I couldn't be any happier with my decision of selecting Kris as my career coach!"
-Makeda E. Laundry 

"Coaching with Kris is a very valuable and eye opening experience for me.  It makes me more aware of my own values, assumptions, judgments, expectations, and energy levels and I'm able to notice when I'm taking things personally. I'm learning to view situations from all angles and to solve problems by being true to my own values while respecting the values of others. I am able to think, feel and act in a more positive way, to trust and let go of worry. Kris has taught me ways to look at things that have amazed me and have been very powerful in helping me to understand others and myself.  My work with Kris has made a huge difference in both my personal and professional life. I highly recommend her and the process."
-Dr. CC

"Having Kris as my coach, I've been able to strengthen my self confidence, let go of the past and shift my perspective on my life. As a result, my relationships are better than ever and my kids now know I'm going to be there for them! My business is starting to grow and move in the direction that I want it to."
- Tim Black, Arlington Computers


“Kris exudes infectious enthusiasm and passion when she coaches! It gives you the ‘permission’ you need to envision yourself in a more positive state and you feel that anything is possible. Her approach teaches you to focus on what YOU want to be happy – and “experience” what that vision might look like.  Reframing your thinking truly helps you to focus forward in a positive light.  I really learned a lot from Kris and was able to make significant readjustments in my own life with great success."  
-Diane Madden, MBA, Program Director 

"Kris has been motivational and inspirational to me both on a professional and personal level. Her coaching style has a way of enabling you to bring your own “AHA” revelations to the forefront.  She has an ability to reach in and let out your creativity and problem solving skills – it has reaffirmed my confidence in myself and reminded me that I am a powerful and strong woman.  I can do it, I just needed the support and guidance of a truly gifted life coach to help me realize what was within me!" 
- Jenn M.

“The Game Changer Event lit a fire within me to reach my goals.” 
– Kelsey McPherson

“I feel more positive about the change I want to make.”  
– Mary Donlon

"I have worked with Kris McCrea over the last year to prioritize and manage my many stressful life experiences with my work and my family.  My self awareness and approach to others has been improved with her guidance and many resources which she lead me to use.  Despite my chaotic schedule and flagging memory, she made herself available and put up with several lapses in my follow up phone calls.  I am happy to have a more peaceful state of mind, and a much better relationship with my daughters, one of whom was incorporated into our sessions.  Thank you Kris for your help!" 
- Brian M. Jumper, MD

"If you have some type of program for mentors, I would be happy to join and help someone out. Working with Kris was very much beneficial as she gave me the confidence and the guidance to believe in myself and my destiny and I was able to fix my resume, cover letter and apply for positions. I am hoping for some positive outlook to grow and if not, I will continue to strive and not give up."  
- Aqsa Sheikh

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