I love to create the magical 'AHA' moment for people when I’m speaking! 

I’ve had the honor and pleasure to speak to amazing groups of women, professional organizations, businesses and several healthcare organizations. My talks are tailored to speak to the audience and move them to take positive action today. Here are a few of my audience favorites!

Ignite Your Mojo: Discover Your Red Lipstick!

Begin creating Your Best Life, NOW.  Do you feel you have lost your power of choice? Are you simply going through the motions of life, wishing for more? This talk can help you:

  • Identify what ignites your mojo and brings you joy
  • Discover a daily practice to support you having an increased level of joy in your life starting today
  • Create strategies to remember to honor yourself – that’s where your version of the Red Lipstick comes in!

Honestly, this is a powerful talk for companies to host! Engagement is at an all time low and isn’t going to change until people are able to connect with their Mojo and bring that to the workplace!

Love Your Environment with “TOSSaM”
(Trash, Organize, Spit Shine and Maintain)

Do you walk into your environment and all you want to do is scream? It’s full of chaos, disorganized and you spend hours searching for everything! This talk can help you:

  • Regain your sanity
  • Increase your productivity
  • Awaken your creativity

Energy Leadership: Let Go, Trust and Inspire Your Team

This talk is designed for people in a leadership role.

Do you find yourself saying this about your team, “If only they would…then things would be better.” Are you exhausted from putting out fires everyday? This talk can help you:

  • Transform from managing to leading people
  • Shift your energy to feel refreshed
  • Be more productive and discover the power of listening

What Do Your Patients Experience?

This talk is designed for healthcare providers.

How satisfied are you with the results of the patient experience surveys for your practice? If you aren’t 100% satisfied, this talk can help you:

  • Discover different ways to view your practice through the 5 senses
  • Create practical ways to incorporate the patients voice into your practice
  • Develop a plan to learn more about the dimensions of patient centered care

Creating Effective & Efficient Communication for Teams

This talk is designed to help any group of people who are working together transform how they communicate with each other! If you are frustrated that you leave meetings without decisions being made or a clear plan for next step or the same 2-3 people are the only people who speak in the meeting this talk is for you!  You will learn skills and strategies to help you:

  • Create effective & efficient meetings
  • Make powerful decisions by consensus
  • Implement daily huddles as a powerful 5-7 min game changer for your team

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Professional Bio:

Kris is a Professional Certified Coach credentialed through the International Coaching Federation. She is a Master Practitioner in the Energy Leadership Index as well as a Certified Coach by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). As an experienced coach, speaker, facilitator and trainer, she has developed and conducted trainings locally, regionally and presented nationally.  

As the Founder of The Red Lipstick Revolution, she has coached hundreds of clients to ignite their Mojo, to create an abundance of joy in their life by being present and authentic. She helps them increase their level of self-confidence to be able to take inspired action to create the life they desire.

As the President at McCrea Coaching, Kris has developed programs and coached physicians as well as healthcare teams to create transformation in how they deliver healthcare to their patients.

Kris lives in Maine with her incredible husband, two amazing kids, and dedicated sheep dog and loving cat.

What people are saying about Kris...


"I had the pleasure of attending a seminar 'Your Internal Connections, Could Save Your Business" led by Kris McCrea.  She was engaging, knowledgeable, and entertaining all at the same time.  The room was full of professionals who left energized by the content Kris presented in a friendly and warm atmosphere.  Her style is conversational and she is approachable.  I left feeling like I knew what to do next." 

- Deborah L. Whitworth, SPHR, SHRM-SCP | Owner and CEO | HR Studio Group, LLC


"Kris, you made the evening special. You have a tremendous presence when you speak in front of a group.  Your energy exudes positivity.  You are going to make an awesome and effective Chapter Chair."

- Nelson Hill, Nelson@thepowertriangle.com | The Power Triangle For Women | www.thepowertriangle.com


"I would highly recommend you to any professional group who is looking for a speaker! Thank you for sharing all of your expertise!"
- Karen Wheeler, Program Chair for 2014 New England MGMA Regional Conference


“Our one-day retreat with Kris re-energized our team, helped us identify new goals, and set an agenda for progress. Team members commented that this was their single greatest leadership experience.  She helped our team view problems from different angles which allowed us to come up with creative solutions.” 
- Phil Kowash, MD, Director of Family Medicine

"I had the opportunity to listen to a presentation by Kris McCrea at a recent Maine Women’s Network event. In addition to the excellent content, I really appreciated her style of delivery. Her engaging questions and very thoughtful timing allowed me time to consider what she said as well as have a few moments to reflect on what it meant to me and our graphic design business."
- Linda Lundborg, Tides Edge Design, LLC

"Within two minutes of her keynote address during a medical conference I was attending, I was struck by how revolutionary Kris's message is--"You choose".  Kris was able to reach through the veneer covering up how burned out and unhappy and stuck I felt at my job and re-spark in me the belief that is it possible to choose happiness and a fulfilled life.  She has inspired me to walk the path of discovery, moving towards a more rewarding sense of having who I am be integrated with what I do."
- Jennifer Lipka, DO

"It was great hearing your presentation this morning. It was definitely inspiring! I re-wrote my goals for starting my own event in Maine with specifics of location and small steps to get there by 2018 including hiring a small team!"
- Tara Berkoski, Marketing & Consulting