As a Professional Certified Coach, my philosophy is to partner with my clients to help them re-connect to their mojo; to ignite their internal leadership energy and capacity within themselves.

I work with individuals and/or teams to help them achieve their desired goals within their organizations as well as in their personal life.

I have extensive experience coaching: 

  • People who are in a transition phase of their life
  • Physicians who desire to be more present with their patients
  • Business owners who want to be able to work "on" their business not "in" their business
  • Executives who want to shift from managing to leading people

My professional and personal life have provided me with an incredibly unique skill set. I began my work life on our family owned farm and I now own and operate a very successful coaching practice. In between, I enjoyed being part of the ever-growing and changing frontier of healthcare. 

I’m proud and honored to say that I have been happily married for 31 years and dedicated to our two amazing kids as they grew up. They are now 24 and 22 and continue to bring me unlimited joy everyday.

I grew up in Aroostook County, Maine where I developed an undying work ethic and determination to overcome challenges in my life. I was born independent! I am passionate about everything I do and possess a deep value of strength, love and integrity.

My love of the outdoors recharges my batteries! From walking Winston, our Old English Sheepdog, on the beautiful trails in Portland, camping on the ocean and soaking in the sun, to a wood fire on a crisp fall evening. I’m a new runner and am totally energized at the focus it brings to my life.

I look forward to helping you Ignite Your Leadership!


I am passionate about ending homelessness for our young people.
A portion of my profits go directly to local organizations
that work with homeless individuals.

Kris McCrea Certifications & Training Credentials

  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coaching Federation
  • Certified Professional Coach (CPC) through The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)
  • Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP)
  • Dartmouth Clinical Microsystems Coach
  • Lean Design for Healthcare
  • Team Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety Master Trainer
  • Credentialed Trainer EpicCare Ambulatory EMR (Retired)
  • Paralegal through the American Institute for Paralegal Studies (Retired)
  •  Registered Technologist in Radiology and Cardio-Vascular RT(R)(CV) (Retired)

Are you wondering about the significance of the Mojo Bag in my logo?

Mojo has African roots and it brings inspiration. I define Mojo as the internal light that each of us are born with. It's the nectar that attracts the bee. It's the innate quality that makes you, YOU! When your light is shining you are successful and full of energy!

Historically, a mojo bag was a small red flannel bag that contained a magic charm and herbs tied with a drawstring and worn under clothes to bring good luck. However the bag itself is not powerful, it's what is placed inside the bag and for me that's red lipstick! When I have my red lipstick on, I am super woman! I am totally in my zone, exuding confidence, connection and love! 

What sparks you and pushes you into the zone where you are radiating and everyone knows it? What could you put in your Mojo bag to remind you to ignite that spark?

I can hear you asking, "Why is a business life coach concerned about Mojo?"

I believe we live our best life and create wealth when we are experiencing an abundance of mojo. 

What's in your Mojo bag? Is it empty?

Professional Bio

Kris McCrea is a professional certified coach and leadership mentor with extensive experience in coaching physicians, leaders and teams in healthcare and business. Her personal mission statement is to help people live today, not tomorrow and in doing so, inspire them to Ignite Their Leadership! Kris creates an environment for her clients to realize the possibilities ahead of them, honor their values and generate courage for forward action to achieve their desired outcome. Kris is a mother, wife and lover of the outdoors. She grew up on a farm in Aroostook County, Maine where she developed an undying work ethic and determination to overcome challenges. 

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