Leadership Development for Business Owners
& Organizational Leaders

Ask yourself...

  • Are you motivating and inspiring yourself and your employees to engage with the vision of your business or organization?
  • Are you managing or leading your employees?
  • Would you describe your employees as your staff?
  • Are you tired of working “in” your business?
  • Are you expecting your employees to do things differently without providing the training and skills for them to be successful?
  • Are you in overwhelm and finding it impossible to make a decision? Are you what "if-ing" yourself to death?

  • Do you find yourself saying:
    • "If only my staff would…then my life would be sooo much better?"  
    • "If my customers or patients (wife, husband, kids) would actually listen to me and do what I tell them then my life would be fabulous!"

If you answered yes to the above questions,
you are in the RIGHT place...

I can help.

When I work with leaders or business owners, I utilize tools and strategies to help them reconnect with their mojo and engage at a new level of energy with themselves and their team.Imagine what it would feel like to create a place where you and your team were empowered to bring out the best in each other!


  • Patient experience by 10%
  • Staff experience by 19%
  • Communication and ability to make decisions


  • Patient wait times by 50%
  • Physician (business owners) meeting time by 50%
  • Management staff by 32%
  • Employee turnover rate by 40%
  • Billing cost by 26%

All of this generated a cost savings of $767,100 per year for this company and they were nominated as one of the best places to work in Maine! 

Is it time for you to Invest in yourself and your company?
Why wait any longer? 


I work with individuals or a group of leaders to help them re-connect with their mojo, to help them be their best selves, as well as an inspirational leader in their business or organization.

I help ignite a mindset for success within them.

This 6 to 12-month development program is tailored to best serve the needs of my clients, however here are a few vital components that tend to be included:

Discovery process: “Get to know you”

  • Time on site with you to:
    • Meet your team and observe your environment and culture
    • Brainstorm with you what’s working and what your challenges appear to be
    • Identify key  opportunities and goals with you
  • Clarify your “Why”
  • Energetic assessment and debrief with you to determine how you show up in your life, business or organization
  • Gain insight into your core values and what “triggers” you

Develop your goals and action plan with you:

  • Select the behaviors you want to develop and strengthen
  • Select, teach and practice skills and tools with you that will help support you as you grow and stretch to reach your goals

Implementation phase:

  • Test new ideas, behaviors, skills, tools and strategies
  • Shift your thoughts and actions to support a success mindset
  • Define what success is for you and how you will measure it
  • Revise/update your action plan as needed

The program is a combination of:

  • On site in person time (depending on location)
  • 1:1 individual coaching via phone
  • E-mail & text support during business hours

Below are a few examples of why clients have used this program.
They wanted to:

  • Feel more engaged in their life and business or organization
  • Feel more connected to their purpose and their “why”
  • Develop behaviors and attitudes to support their goals
  • Develop effective communication strategies with others
  • Oh yes, and increase their profits!

What my clients are saying...

“Following the completion of our coaching program, I now have time for professional development, strategic planning, and community involvement. I have learned to let go and allow our teams to grow and shine. I am now able to ‘get out of the way’, inspire and truly lead teams and individuals to improve and excel.” 
-Bev Neugebauer, Executive Director Coastal Women’s Healthcare
2013 Mainebiz Women to Watch

"Powerful program, I discovered how on individual can effect a group."
"Fabulous, relaxed, comfortable atmosphere-easy to participate."
"Helped us rebuild our foundation as a team."
"I now see the big picture."
"Improved our communication as a team."

          -Members of the Leadership Team at Coastal Women's Healthcare

“Changing how we deliver primary care is difficult. It’s much more than developing and changing processes; it’s learning how to manage the human aspect of change and develop a resilience that sustains us in the dynamic environment. You are extremely adept at modeling behaviors and giving us tools that help us address the human factors as well as the process changes necessary to transform care.”  
 -Vicki Lyons, VP Physician Services

“Working with Kris has been an invaluable experience for our practice. With her help we were able to develop our goals along with step-by-step action plans to achieve them.  We focused on creating “safe” group dynamics for successful communication and productive use of our time. We learned how to use several tools such as process mapping to help identify areas of opportunity for improvement. We learned to brainstorm and work together to overcome many obstacles to practice change.

On a personal note, she has been instrumental in my growth as a leader. Through the years, I have been given many management roles and have always thought of myself as possessing leadership skills. It wasn’t until I was coached by Kris that I was truly able to lead multiple teams, share my thoughts and skills, and assist others in their growth.” 
-Merle Westbrook, NP, CDE

"Kris is fantastic! Her support and guidance helped us learn how to develop strong teamwork within our organization.  She provided the tools that our employees needed to succeed in process improvement.  In my position as quality manager she has taught me to see my role differently and it has been a wonderful and valuable experience."
-Karen Waycott, Director of Operations for Primary Care

“It is unbelievable how much more efficient our meetings have become. We would not be where we are today. We have learned to lead in a different way.” 
-Melissa Gousse, Practice Administrator

“Our one-day retreat with Kris re-energized our team, helped us identify new goals, and set an agenda for progress.  Team members commented that this was their single greatest leadership experience.  She helped our team view problems from different angles which allowed us to come up with creative solutions.” 
-Phil Kowash, MD, Director of Family Medicine  

Stacy Head Shots-Final-0003.jpg

"I have worked with Kris McCrea Scrutchfield of McCrea Coaching for two years. In that time, my business has bloomed, nearly doubling my gross income. I now have three employees and am ready for more growth.  Kris encouraged me to see my own value and to set achievable yet “stretching” goals.
In addition, Kris has helped me navigate some tricky family relationships, enabling me to establish loving boundaries. With her help, I am also coming out of my introverted “tortoise shell” and exploring new people and new adventures. Today, after our last telephone session, I posted the following affirmation where I see it every day:
I am eagerly anticipating my wonderful, exciting life.
I am open to the universe and its gifts.
I take action to reach my goals.
Kris has shown me that anything is possible with the right mindset. I encourage anyone who is looking to grow professionally and personally to work with McCrea Coaching."

- Stacy Ayotte, President of The Back Office Expert, Inc.


“Kris, thank you again for helping and teaching our agency to be more successful and be a better place to work. Your coaching is paying dividends and the investment in our employees was well worth the cost.”
- Steve St. Angelo, Anderson-Watkins Insurance President

Jen Moore

"I sought Kris out as a coach as I knew her to be fearless and empowered. I didn’t want a coach who would tell me what I wanted to hear, rather I wanted someone to challenge me and make me re-think my standard approaches to my work. Kris has had a tremendous impact on my work at the ACO and the benefits of the engagement with her will be evident well beyond the engagement period. I continue to apply and use the transformative techniques she taught me in my day to day interactions and approaches to the work. I highly recommend Kris to anyone seeking to make a change in their personal and/or professional life."
-Jen Moore, COO, MaineHealth ACO