Imagine if you were able to dedicate time to engage in an activity where you were overjoyed and felt fully alive.  You didn’t think about your goals or the next strategies you were going to implement to reach your goals.

During this time you were able to flick a switch and dive into something directly connected to your heart.  In this space, you could color outside the lines and the flowers could be any color you desired. Your actions were inspired and filled with joy.

My guess is for some of you the mere thought of doing this creates anxiety within you. Cause you have *$*# to do on your checklist for the day! I get it!

Growing a business or leading a group of people takes tons of energy and focus. The more energy and focus you contribute the more success you appear to have until one day you’re tapped out. Completely drained, yet the go to thought is, “If I can just focus on this…it will be okay.” So you try your best to buck up and focus.

As humans we are created to experience and embrace the world of paradox; however, we often choose to avoid these experiences due to the uncomfortable feeling it creates. After all who wants to do the opposite of what feels so cozy and comfy?

The opposite of focused is unfocused…head vs heart…drive vs flow…swimming upstream vs floating down a calm river on a beautiful sun filled day.

I’m curious, if you were to look at what your day is filled with today and you were to do the opposite of that for one hour this week, what would it be? What have you wanted to do for a while and simply haven’t found the time?

This is an opportunity to make time vs waiting to find the time. Block one hour and do the thing that brings you joy and connects you to your heart. Clearly, this will be very different for each person

When I viewed my calendar and reflected on what I’m doing and thought about what the opposite of that would be, I got really excited. This exercise helped me take action and enroll in a program to bring more music into my life on a consistent basis. No more waiting and trying to find the time! I made a decision, made the time by blocking my calendar and I’m on my way to enjoying a different experience.

What paradox could you introduce in your life? Let me know what you decide and if you’d like to talk more about what that could be, click here to sign up for a complimentary discovery session with me today.