Locker Room Shift

Super Bowl Sensation!

The Patriots pulled out all the stops on Sunday and utilized the many talented members on their team to come from behind for the huge turn around and win!

Heading into the locker room at halftime, the score was 21-3. YIKES! News headlines presented a dismal picture for the Pats. It would have been so easy for them to give up and accept a loss as inevitable, however that was NOT what they did!

Why am I writing about this? I’m not a sports writer or an expert in football, however this game provides each of us with the opportunity to realize drastic changes are possible and available to us everyday. As a coach, I’m committed to supporting people as they achieve what they once thought of as completely impossible for themselves in their relationships, career or business!

No matter what has happened in our life, the past does not dictate our future! Each moment, we are presented with the opportunity to choose how we will show up and play the game called life.

Clearly the first half of play did not dictate the outcome for the Pats. My guess is they created a palpable energetic mindset shift during their brief stay in the locker room that day. This shift allowed them to dig to the bottom of their cleats and find the resolve to run onto the field for the second half with nothing but a deep belief and utter certainty they would do exactly what it would take to win the game. And that they did!

Imagine…what would happen if you were able to create a powerful mindset shift and find the resolve to do what it would take to change an area of your life that currently appears to be a no win situation? How would your life be different?

I was blessed to be on a call with the incredible motivational speaker and author Mel Robbins Monday night! She shared her story with us how she changed her life from being in a place of devastating financial ruin to an 8-figure salary in a few years! Yes, I actually wrote out a number with 8 figures in it so I could see what it looked like! The powerful take away from the conversation was how she accomplished this. She achieved this significant change one decision and one mindset shift at a time.

Each one of us has more internal power and capacity than we know what to do with! We harness only a small portion of what is readily available to us. We spend energy and time looking back over our shoulder.

I wish I could have the time back that I used to waste reliving experiences over and over and over only to realize the outcomes are always the same! The past will not change. It is available to us as a tool to learn from and move on. We don’t need to hang out there. It’s over.

Now, when I find myself thinking about the past, I ask myself, what’s the lesson or blessing and how will I use that information to move forward today?

I’m curious, where are you holding yourself back based on an experience from your past? Or are you stuck in a belief you created about yourself based on what someone told you in the past?

The phrases may sound like one of these, “You’re not smart enough to do that or you won’t be able to make enough money doing that or no one has ever grown a business in that way.” Here are a couple of my favorites, “You’re too much, tone it down so you don’t intimidate people or you’re too old to do that.” My guess is Tom Brady never questions his ability based on his age!

Note: All of these thoughts are intended to keep you small and well protected from daring to live your best and fullest life. You have the choice to continue listening to the words of the past or create a new line to support yourself as you work to reach your goals. Grab a piece of paper and pen and draft a new phase for yourself!

Maybe a part of your life hasn’t work out so well in the first half of your game of life and you’re getting ready to enter the second half.  Imagine if you become a Patriot for a moment and decided to let the past be the past, make a conscious decision to move forward with a new sense of resolve and commitment to change, to do whatever it will take to reach your goals and create the second half of your game to be what you desire? How would that feel?

Take a “timeout” for a few minutes.  Go into your locker room and visualize achieving your goals. Use all five of your senses to create the picture for yourself in vivid Technicolor then hit the save button to create an anchor in your mind. A clear picture and feeling you can refer to at anytime.

If and when the past comes creeping back, pause and recall this powerful image along with all of the sensation it brings with it to shift your energy and focus from the past back into the present.

Let me know how your halftime locker room energy and mindset shift works for you. If you would like to talk more about how to create massive change in your life or your business, click here to set up a complimentary discovery call with me today.