Have you made a hiring mistake?

What can you do when you realize you’ve made a hiring mistake?

When you recognize that a person, a role or an organization/company may not be a good fit for each another, it can be stressful and uncomfortable for all involved.

I’m thrilled to share with you that I have been invited to be a member of the Forbes Coaches Council and was recently chosen to contribute to an article that has been published on Forbes.com!  

The name of the article is: 11 Ways to Rectify A Hiring Mistake. The information in the article may help you move forward when you realize there has been a hiring oops within your organization. 

My thought for you from the article:

Tip #10: Learn from the experience
Remember, there’s no shame when a job isn’t a good fit for someone. It doesn’t mean they’re faulty or broken. It simply means the two pieces of the puzzle don’t go smoothly together. Learn from the experience and ask yourself, “What can I do differently to create a better result next time?” – Kris McCrea, PCC, McCreaCoaching.com

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I trust this will help you navigate next steps to take when a mismatch has occurred on your team. If you would like to chat about what’s happening in your team, click here to set up a free discovery session with me today.