Summer Hiatus

This week’s note is short and sweet as I’m taking a hiatus to soak in the incredible summer we are experiencing here in New England!

Did I hear you say, “I wish I could do that”? Well here’s my challenge for you this week:

  • Take a look at your calendar; notice what you are doing and who you are spending time with in the next few days.
  • Ask yourself, “Do all of these people and activities take me closer to my goal(s) for the week, month or year?”
  • If not, cancel or reschedule them in honor of summer and take that time to re-energize yourself!

Summer is very short here and this exercise helps keep me aligned with my goals while being able to catch a few extra rays to keep me laser focused.

We spend so much time being busy that we forget to ask if what we are doing and whom we are spending time with is truly valuable.

Sometimes we want to kid ourselves on the importance of a meeting or a task when many times it’s just keeping us busy.

Here’s to your summer hiatus! Doesn’t it feel amazing?

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