The pace of today's world can make it difficult to make a decision to do something different than you did yesterday simply because what you did yesterday is familiar and you know what to expect. I've recently had several conversations with people who've shared with me they are feeling paralyzed by the fear of making a wrong decision. We created a strategy for them to be able to strengthen their decision making muscles and they've had huge success with it. So I’m re-sharing a post with you today to encourage you to explore how a walk or run in the woods may help strengthen your decision making muscles.


Oh, the places our feet can take us. I was running on a beautiful trail near the river on Saturday and got totally inspired to write to you. I used to watch others run by me as I walked and say, “I don’t know how they do that. I’d fall on my face!”

Then one day I tried it, step-by-step, hill-by-hill and instead of falling on my face, I fell in love with it! I learned that to successfully do a trail run, I must focus on one step at a time, completely staying out of my head thinking about what is coming over the next hill or around the next turn.

I must focus the ground I’m about to step on, decide if I need to adjust my gate to miss a hole, a root or a rock. Make the split-second decision rapidly followed by the next decision while knowing that each decision will take me closer to my goal.

My goal happens to be a spectacular rock that overlooks the rushing water of the rapids. This is where I can rest and soak in the beauty that surrounds me. Complete motivation.

A few years ago, I started using this focus to energize my business. Setting my goals and becoming laser focused on each step to reach them. One decision at a time, absolutely not allowing myself to rev the engine of the storytelling machine in my head that rattles off a never-ending list of things to do as the clock ticks off each second like it was the last.

With this focus, I began to build my confidence in my ability to make powerful and meaningful decisions, notice I didn’t say the right decision! I’ve learned there are no right or wrong decisions. I’ve become comfortable deciding and adjusting, deciding and adjusting just like when I run, I shorten or stretch my gate on the fly depending on the trail.

I’ve reached many of my goals, set new ones and continue to strengthen all of the muscles of my body and mind to remain focused.

As I work with new leaders in an organization or a business owner who wants to go to the next level in their career, business and/or lives, I’ve noticed that many of them are fear stricken by making the wrong decision. Paralyzed, they postpone decisions for fear of being criticized by others or fear of falling on their face.

I encourage them to go for a walk in the woods and notice how many quick decisions they make while walking. This begins to open them up to the possibility that they could jog or run without falling. They soon realize, wow they have more capacity than they imagined possible. They begin to trust themselves and begin to strengthen their adjusting muscle for their decisions. Before you know it, they’re racing through the woods, feeling re-energized and growing like the trees around them. With every decision there is an opportunity to learn, adjust, grow and succeed.

I encourage you to test it out and go for a walk or run on a wooded trail today.  As you navigate the trail notice your feet, notice the decisions that you are making. Continue to pick up your pace, practice making those split decisions and adjust your gate. How can you apply this to decision making in other areas of your life, career or business?

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