It’s spring here in Maine, the grass is growing and the flowers are blooming. Everything is coming alive and aligning. I don’t know about you, but this is a time when I start digging out and creating piles to go to a charity or the dump. I’m letting go of the old and opening up to the new.

I strive to continually align my thoughts and my actions to create my reality. If I say I want a home that is clutter free that means there is a lot of stuff that I must choose to get rid in order to make that happen. It always amazes me that when I think about getting rid of something all of a sudden attachment sets in! Then the what ifs start…what if I need this later, what if I’m really going to miss it, oh…I think you get the drill. Scarcity…there’ll never be another one like this.

‘Til finally, boom, I put the breaks on and align myself! I fill the truck and haul the **** away!  Ahhh, the drive home feels amazing!

It can be scary to let go and purge what we have had for a long time even when we haven’t used it or even seen it for years! This same process happens in other areas of our life. Why are you saying you are ready for a change, yet can’t seem to pull the trigger?

I see this happen with my clients, for example, some of them want to leave their job and find one that is more aligned with their values and what is important to them in their life today, yet when the day arrives to resign they begin a trip down memory lane and become derailed to their desire based on all of the what ifs.

I love to be there and support them as they find their footing and apply their breaks.  When they are driving down memory lane and slam on the breaks to re-align themselves with the present, then they shake their body like a shaggy dog, straighten themselves up and walk directly into their boss’ office and pass in their resignation.

They never look back and they feel on top of the world. Alignment is incredible just like we would never drive our car with the front end shimmying and shaking like the wheels were about to fall off so why do we allow this to happen to us?

Are you ready to become more aligned? Here are a few questions that I encourage many of my clients to use and you may find them helpful as well:

  • Listen to yourself, what are you saying?
  • Check in with yourself; is what I’m saying true for me today?
  • If yes, what action(s) do I need to take to make what I’m saying actually happen?

When the fear arrives, breathe through it and let go of what you want to get rid of to create space for something new in your life. Once you align your thoughts, words and actions you will feel a shift and be completely energized and refreshed, just like spring in Maine.

Let’s book a strategy session now to help you start your process of becoming fully aligned with what is important in your life today.