Spring…are you ready for a fresh start?

Finally the bitter cold of winter has faded and the grunge of mud season here in New England has washed away.

Everything about spring is fresh. The grass is vibrant green and the flowers are a vivid array of color and it all smells amazing.

Growing up on a farm, spring meant it was time to thoroughly cleanse our house, yard, car, and purge our closets. You name it and it got spit shined!

We were also busy preparing the ground to plant a new crop of potatoes, which generated excitement about what that would bring to bear in the fall. This created a feeling of energy to release the old and prepare for the new.

My husband and I spent yesterday planning a new flower garden for our home. As the plan came together the excitement kept building and the vision become reality, however the first step we needed to complete was to get rid of the weeds. We needed to turn over the soil to foster an environment of growth for the new plants.

Take a moment and look around your space, your office, business, and home. What does it look like? Better yet, what does it feel like? If you look at your desk get overwhelmed that could be a great place to start or if you go into your closet and you “can’t find a thing to wear” another perfect beginning point!

What are you unnecessarily holding onto that you could release to prepare for a growth spurt to occur in your life?

Pick the one area that would feel spectacular to have “spit shined” and start by creating a vision of what you want it to be and then begin your quest. When I embark on the environment cleanse, here are a few questions I ask to help support the process of letting things go:

  • Do I love this?
  • When is the last time I used or wore this?
  •  If it’s broken, am I committed to repairing it today to make it useful again?
  • Am I holding onto this from a place of fear…what if I need this next year for something?
  •  Is this essential to what I do or who I am TODAY?
  •  Does this accurately represent who I am TODAY?

I find the last couple questions extremely powerful as they bring me to my present, not my past or to what I think my future might be, simply today. Trust your inner knowing, have fun and let it go.

Sometimes we even hold onto a job or a boss out of a sense of fear or obligation. Are you growing and blossoming in your current role? Are you excited about the possibilities for you where you currently are?

If you answered no to either of these questions, click here to schedule a discovery call with me and we talk about how to create spring in your professional world.