Returning to Basics

Over the past few years, I’ve noticed a common thread in many workplaces and in personal relationships. It’s the absence of using please and thank you with each other.

Imagine how you would feel today if someone took the time to say thank you for something you did and/or they included please when asking you to do something. These three simple words create a positive impact for both the giver and receiver of the message. They demonstrate appreciation and gratitude.

In today’s fast paced-world it’s important to take time to say thank you in a sincere way and not abbreviate the recognition we give to others to just “thanks”.

I think back to when I learned to write my first thank you note and I was taught to identify what I was thanking the giver of the gift for and why it will be helpful to me e.g. “Dear Gram, thank you for the beautiful mittens. They’ll help keep my hands warm when I’m outside playing with my friends.”

This writing lesson plays an important role in the workplace and in our relationships. As humans, we like to be recognized and noticed for the extra things we do and it has a greater impact if the recognition feels sincere and has meaning to it. Try including what and why when you are saying thank you to someone today.

I once worked with a physician who would write on the white board in the morning, “Please and thank you for everything you do all day today.” This small gesture produced warm smiles from our entire team throughout the day.

Watch the reaction you receive from your kids when you thank them for what they did today. Remember to be specific, “Thank you for doing the dishes, it means a lot to me.”

Taking time to notice the good and recognizing it will shift your energy. Share a friendly thank you wave to someone when they make room for you to pull out into traffic.

I love to see the smile that occurs when I say thank you to someone and recognize him or her and what he or she is doing. Let me know what you notice as you increase the frequency of using please and thank you. 

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