Improved Relationships

Improved relationships…

Are you ready to challenge the status quo of the relationships in your life?

June is the beginning of summer, the plants are blooming and everything feels fresh. This is a great time to move beyond what you are currently doing and thinking to achieve greater results in your relationships.  

Pick one area in your life or business where you would like to have a stronger relationship than you are experiencing now. Choose whatever came to your mind first; was it a romantic relationship, a closer connection with your kids, a higher performing team in your business or a clearer connection with your boss?

Imagine creating a result that is 10%, 20%, 50% or 75% better than you have right now. What would that change mean to you?

I’m assuming that change would feel really amazing! Here are a few steps to get you headed in the direction of success to be able to make it happen.

  1. Invite the person to spend time with you that they wouldn’t normally do i.e. coffee, lunch, walk or a cold beverage.
  2. Engage in conversation and truly listen to what they are saying, not what you want hear.
  3. Identify how you can help them.  
  4. Create a plan with them to make that happen.
  5. Follow through on the plan.

I know this sounds simple, however many times it’s the simple things that we tend to put off. Time and genuine conversation will strengthen the trust this person has in you, shifting the relationship. Without these simple steps, relationships tend to remain status quo and you will never know how good it could have been.

Listening is a key component in these steps. Listen beyond the words. Pay attention to the person’s body language and facial expression while they are talking. 

Be patient with your response or interjection. Keep your mind focused on the person you are talking with, not on what you are dying to say as part of your reply.

Use your breath to keep you grounded, calm and tuned in. Be curious to learn more about what the person is saying. Ask questions to clarify what they mean.

All of these tips will enhance your ability to listen at a deeper level and create a more meaningful relationship. They work no matter where they are deployed, be it at work or at home.

Challenge yourself to change the status quo today. Who will you invite to do something out of the ordinary and enjoy what you learn as you listen to the conversation?

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