Fall in New England is spectacular! The trees are covered in a vibrant array of colors and as I pause to admire the beauty, I’m always amazed at the incredible world we live in. The power of the waves, the strength of the howling winds and the quietness of a falling leaf are only a few examples of beauty for today. 

As many of you know, I draw a lot of my energy from nature and when I deprive myself of being outside, I notice a drop in my vibration and my ability to stay connected to what is possible for myself, my business and the world as a whole.

Over the years, I’ve learned how important it is for me to consciously choose to engage in nature each and every day in some way. I actively make a choice to get up out of my chair and walk outside, breathe in the fresh air, reach my hands up to the sky, grab a glass of water and then return to my work.

This choice makes me happy!

As I work with my clients be it a large organization helping them discover how to create more joy in their work environment or an individual business owner navigating big life and business changes, one of the staples to the work is to help them remember they have choices.

In the beginning of the work, there’s always resistance accompanied with a long list of reasons why they can’t possibly do anything different than what they are currently doing. It can be scary to choose to do something different or to think about something in a new way.

However, once they are able to make the tiniest shift and choose a new perspective or a new response to a challenge – the freedom bell goes off and they want to keep testing and learning new ways to create the experience they desire for their day.

Yesterday, as I hung up the phone with one of my clients, I gave a big fist pump in the air and shouted YES!

He shared with me that he now realizes he has the ability to choose to be happy regardless of what is happening around him. He no longer believes it to be out of his reach or control. YES!

I’ve supported this person though big life changes and helping him to see what is possible for himself. He is now faced with amazing opportunities and choices of what the next leg of his journey will be. This is incredibly exciting for him to realize AND it all began with one small choice to do something different.

This same shift is possible for all of us. I invite you to take a moment and reflect on your life…where would you like a different result than what you are currently experiencing?

How willing and ready are you to make a new choice to shift the experience to be more of what you desire it to be? If you’re ready, what tiny action or new perspective will you try out today to get you closer to your desired outcome?

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