Changing Your Words

Changing the words that follow your what if questions.

Today’s thoughts are short yet very powerful! When is the last time you had an idea that generated sheer excitement within you and before you could get even the first step planned for how to bring your idea into reality your mind took a detour full of what if questions?

I get it, it happens all the time! Brilliant idea turns into…

  • What if I fail?

  • What if people don’t get it?

  • What if no one shows up?

  • What if my boss (spouse, board of directors, etc.) thinks it’s a dumb idea?

  • What will people think?

Okay, I could go on, however I’m sure you get the picture.

When this happens it doesn’t take long for the idea to fizzle and fade returning us to the way life has always been. We begin awaiting the next fabulous idea to strike so we can do it all over again.

What would happen if you changed the cycle? Take a moment to recall your last exciting idea and as the questions come flooding in, consciously change the words you use to follow what if with.

  • What if I succeed?

  • What if this inspires people?

  • What if the room is jam packed with people?

  • What if my boss (spouse, board of directors, etc.) is completely in awe of my idea and sees how it can help others?

  • What if I don’t let what people think bog me down?

All of a sudden you have possibility and your idea can continue to take form! It’s only now that you begin to think about what they next step might be to making the idea happen.

On my mousepad is a quote from Henry Ford, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t you're right!” Imagine if he let his ideas fizzle. Instead he used his mind to keep moving forward with the next step based on what he learned from the last step.

A few years back, I started challenging myself on this concept and I’ve realized I feel amazing and have much more fun when I’m using language that inspires possibility not founded in fear! I encourage my clients to use this shift in language as a beginning to their journey of creating what it is they desire in their life, work and business. Instead of, “What if this never works out?” to “What if this works out?” “What will my next step be?”

You can use this concept whenever you notice that excuses are beginning to occupy the driver’s seat of your life and you are viewing the ride from the back seat!

Start to become aware of the words you are using. If they are destroying your confidence to move forward, then consciously pluck new words from your dictionary that are more empowering to you and your idea! You get to choose your words, no one else is in charge of what rolls off your tongue except you.

Experience how different you feel when you are aware and actually choosing what you are saying about yourself, your ideas and your abilities!

This doesn’t mean that all our ideas are stellar! We still need to test them, learn from our mishaps before we let them fizzle.

I’m curious, let me know, what words you left behind and what new words are you replacing them with?

If you would like to chat more about what changing your language could do for you, click here to sign up for a complimentary discovery session with me today! I look forward to talking with you?