Are You Ready To Grow and Change with the Season?

Here in New England, the beauty of the leaves changing color has been absolutely stunning this fall. Each of the colors is unique with various shades and levels of vibrancy carefully displayed on every tree.

In a few weeks, the trees will be barren and the ground will be littered with color and nuts waiting for snow to cover them for the winter months.

Using the changing of the seasons as a reminder to reflect on the past few months and fine-tune the plan for the upcoming season is a great way to incorporate change in your life.

Take a few minutes to think about all you’ve accomplished along with the moments you experienced joy over the summer and celebrate! Notice what felt really great and also what felt a bit off.

As you identify the goals you hit out of the park, what strategies did you use to create these successes? These are skills and tools that would be helpful to bring with you into the next season.

Let’s look at the flip side of this, what goals did you fall short on or get stuck in the muck of achieving? Before you beat yourself up for not reaching these goals, take a moment to decide if they are still relevant to your current plan or is it time to change or redefine the goal to be in alignment with where you are today? This is an important and valuable step that is often forgotten. 

The fall leaves have demonstrated to us that change comes in wide array of color variations and changes that occur, from remaining entirely green to completely fiery red. Making a very small tweak to a goal or idea may be all that’s needed to create momentum to jump in and get started.

Once you have reset your goal, continue to be curious with yourself. What habits or behaviors have you been engaging in that may have contributed to not reaching your goals over the summer? Is it time to let go of this “stuff” and create new thoughts, habits and/or behaviors that serve who you are today?

If you answered yes, take a minute to imagine letting the old “stuff” fall of you just as the leaves drop from the tree and create a new pattern of thought or action that will help carry you to your finish line.

With each season a tree grows and expands, in the fall it sheds it’s vibrant leaves in celebration of a successful growing season and over the winter it prepares to bud with a perfectly sized leaf to fit the tree and the size it is that day.

As you grow and evolve, developing new habits and behaviors are key to sustaining your growth and reaching your new goals.

Over the past few years as I’ve grown as a person and built my business to where it is today, I have relied on this process of continuously reflecting and adjusting to be able to continuously cross the finish line and set higher goals.

What behavior or habits will you adjust today to better serve you and what you currently want to accomplish in your life and work? Remember, small changes made over time add up to significant long-term results.

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