Taking Time for the Things That Matter Most to You


Last week I was able to be fully present in nature with my family and experience all of its exquisite beauty. It felt absolutely amazing!

Stretching out in the kayak while drifting into a tiny cove where a huge osprey was perched high above on a branch protecting his nest and watching a bald eagle soar gracefully through the sky as the sun glistened off the water was one of my favorite moments.

These experiences brought me a deep sense of connection to nature and the universe.  When I’m connected in this way, I have complete clarity about why I do what I do and what’s important in my life.

I wanted to package each of those moments and bring them back with me when I returned to the day-to-day world. So, I let the images imprint in my mind and soak into my bones for a few extra minutes.

Now I’m back in the saddle of running a thriving business and doing all of the tasks it takes to maintain and grow my practice as well as holding sacred space for my clients as they do their work to reach their desires in their life and business.

(…I may be in the saddle, however, I haven’t broken out my cowboy boots yet – still sporting sandals for a few more weeks.)

It’s easy to get sucked in and hunker down and “get busy” again. Then the next thing I know I’m starting to sacrifice the very things that bring me joy. Like being in nature running along the river with my dog - YIKES! Has this ever happened to you?

Now when that happens, I pause, close my eyes and recall the osprey and the eagle moments allowing myself to reconnect to my values and what’s really important to me. In the few seconds I take to do this, I’m able to re-connect with my mojo and bust out of the saddle and go for the run I was too busy for yesterday!

Each day I consciously choose to live my life and run my business based on my values and what is important to me. This choice provides me a way to reflect and be curious about the items on my to do list and the stuff that creates the busy buzz around me. Are they aligned with my values and what’s important to me or did I add them in based on an external pressure?

What about you? Are you choosing how you live your life and run your business based on your values and what’s important to you? Let me know your thoughts.

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