Equinox and Spring

Equinox being the first day of Spring started the week off with a bang! The light is now taking over the darkness and the birds are returning from the South. We’ll soon have flowers sprouting from the ground to offer us a splash of color peaking through the white snow.

Springtime offers us a fresh perspective and sense of hope.  Growing up on a farm this time of year brought a sense of newness with it. The air had a fresh crispness filled with hope and wonder and our thoughts were focused on the possibility of what was to come as we prepared the seeds to be planted. Every year was a fresh start; a new beginning when my dad would often say with certainty, “This is the year for a bumper crop!”

I still get the same renewed energy today when I see the first robin return from the south. It sparks a desire to open the windows to release the stale winter air and clean the dust from within.

Cleaning the dust off…may apply to many aspects of our lives. Spring-cleaning and tidying our surroundings by ridding ourselves of clothes we no longer or never have worn, of broken items we have in a pile waiting for the magic day they will be fixed and the piles of papers on our desk can provide a fabulous fresh feeling.  

I use a couple powerful questions to help me fly though this process:

  • When I see or touch an item, I ask, does this still bring me joy? If I say yes, it usually brings a smile to my face and then I keep moving. If the answer is no, I then ask…
  • Why am I holding on to this? The answers may vary from I might need it in the future to it was a gift.
    • Over the past few years of doing this, what I've learned is I can release the worry of needing to hold onto something in case I might need it and trust I will be able. 
    • I’ve also realized the act of giving and receiving a gift brings joy in the moment and I will always cherish that feeling, however I don’t need to hold onto the physical form of the gift! It took me 15 years to let go of wedding presents that I wasn’t sure what they were or what I would ever do with them!
  • Could someone else put it to better use? Most the time, this leads me to the donate pile 'cause I get a warm feeling inside when I’m able to give to others.

As we approach the end of the first quarter there is also an opportunity to reflect on where we are in our business or professional goals for the year. Take a moment and think about what is currently working and moving you forward. Celebrate that and be curious about how you could do more of what is creating the success.

Remember to view the flip side, what’s not working. What could you shift or adjust to improve the result you are getting? Yes, tidy up the details and your thoughts. What’s a new perspective you could have about this? Where are you holding yourself back based on an old habit?

Spring is a great time to foster and nurture a new habit!  As the clocks jumped ahead, many of my clients use the forward movement of time by one hour to remind them of their commitment to show up on time for meetings and appointments. This allows them to be fully present in the meeting from the very beginning.

How will you use the extra daylight to support you in creating your best life? I’m choosing my sneakers and heading off for a run! I wish you a fabulous week ahead.

If you choose to do a bit of Spring-cleaning, let me know what you choose to release and/or what you choose to keep because of the joy it brings you. If you get stuck and would like to chat about how to keep moving forward, click here to sign up for a complimentary discovery session with me today.