Offer Your Smile as Your Gift


My thoughts will be brief today. As we head into the holiday week, remember people may experience this time of year in many different ways. Some are filled with joy while others feel a deep sadness; some are excited by all of the activity with friends and family while others may be lonely and afraid.

Even the joy and excitement can sometimes turn into overwhelm and chaos, which can create tension. Each of us carries a unique ability to shift that energy and that ability resides in our smile. Yes, our smile!

As it turns out, our genuine big heartfelt smile is one of the most powerful gifts we can offer others and ourselves during this time or anytime for that matter. It can re-energize us when we begin to feel weary or tense. It allows us the opportunity to perk ourselves up and feel better.

It can also warm the heart of a stranger who is feeling sad or lonely. The best part is it can spark a smile within them as well. As the smile begins to appear on their face they too begin to sense a shift and feel different.

Why is that you ask? Smiling actually triggers endorphins (feel good hormones) to be released. Who knew our smile could promote a healthier life? 

I’m offering a challenge to each of you over the next couple of weeks. Smile; really smile at people on the street, work colleagues you don’t know, as well as yourself in the mirror. Own it, you know the kind of smile that creates a twinkle in your eye. Open a door for someone and offer him or her a smile. Notice what happens for you and for them.

Let me know what you discover. If you’d like to chat about creating a shift within your work and/or life in 2017, click here to set up a discovery session with me today.

I wish each of you a very Merry Christmas and Wonderful Holiday Season!