The Power of Choice, Are You Giving Yours Away?

How many times a day do you say the words, "I have to..." or "I need to..."? I'm curious when you say these words, how do you feel? Are you inspired, excited or empowered? My guess is most of the time your answer is no. Take a moment to get clear about what you are feeling; you might describe it as a sense of obligation to someone or something other than yourself. Why is that? The reason is you are giving away your "Power of Choice" in the language you are currently using.

Many folks will argue with this concept by providing examples such as: "I 'have to' drive the speed limit" and I say that is a story you are telling yourself! The truth is you choose to drive the speed limit for many reasons, to avoid paying a fine, to be safe, etc. How would it feel to decide to follow the speed limit and simply say, "I drive the speed limit"? Kick the 'have to' and 'need to' to the curb! Think about the difference, subtle as it may seem, would you rather choose by making your own decision or tell yourself someone is 'forcing' you do it?

What if today you make a decision to own your 'Power of Choice'? Beginning right now, not tomorrow or on Monday, start now, and every time you hear yourself say, "I have to..." or "I need to...", pause, stomp your feet and say I don't have or need to do anything! I am choosing to do it or not! Notice how you feel. As you begin your new practice, each day you will grow stronger in your thinking and your decisions will become more powerful for the sheer fact that YOU own them! Empower yourself today!

Remember, you have the power of choice in absolutely everything you do or don't do.